Summary of changes as of the April update


  • Improved matchmaking in game modes, Arena and Hero/Villain.
  • Added an interface in villain mode that indicates, survive or kill the villain depending on the team you are in.
  • Hero and Villain mode can now be created from custom modes.
  • Modified some Scenario names in Custom Games
  • Added RUSSIAN language (80%)
  • Enabled (Best Region) for the server, so players connect to the nearest server to improve their connection speed to the game.
  • Can no longer consume mana potions while using a preparation or casting skill.
  • Added Tutorial when starting the game, in the Main Menu.
  • Reduced the Points to win a Deathmatch to 15
  • Added Tutorial in the Main Menu
  • Implemented Daily Missions System
  • Added some missing translations to English and Russian
  • Rearranged some user interfaces
  • Modified the character skin change system
  • Improved the News section, also it can be collapsed.


  • Separated General and Arena leaderboards indistinctly.
  • The Score in the arena now not only increases but can also decrease when losing.
  • Implemented a monthly seasonal ranking system, with prizes for the winners.
  • Temporarily eliminated rankings by rank such as gold, diamond, platinum, etc. Only General, Arena, Top 10 and Friends are kept.


  • Added system in case of fall in Scarlet Monastery that returns the player to the fight.
  • Fixed Marcella’s Poison Daggers not working correctly in some modes.
  • Fixed the bug that indicated number of positions different from the real ones in the arena.
  • Modified the waiting time for arena search, based on the number of players connected.
  • Fixed Mystic’s blocking, because they could use this hero without having unlocked it yet.
  • Fixed some SKINS
  • Fixed Ordwic’s attack without CD when changing weapons.
  • Fixed Warcray not silencing at times.
  • Rearrangement of some user interfaces.
  • Fix bugs in Rankings scroll.

Balance changes:


  • Decreased Nova’s CD to 5s.
  • Reduced Ice Shield CD to 12s.
  • Reduced Ice Veins DC to 30s.
  • Increased the damage of his Weapon 1 to 190
  • Increased the damage of the Ice Spear to 70


  • Reduced the life of Marcela to 850.
  • Reduced the damage of the red dagger to 120
  • Increased the damage of the green dagger to 45
  • Increased CD of Kidney Shot to 4s
  • Increased CD of the BackStep to 5s. Translated with (free version)

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