Great Update to 1.3.0 (May/2022)

After some time without content, we are pleased to announce the changes in Drainlive update 1.0.3, we present big changes and I hope you like it.

Let’s start!!!

Interface Remastering:

  • All the interfaces of the game were redesigned and re-implemented, improving notably the visual section and the usability of the same ones.
  • The Life Bars, besides changed, now maintain a correct visibility in front of the camera, previously they rotated strangely with respect to the Camera.
  • Changed the Logo and all the presentation resources of the game.
  • The game remembers the last hero selection.
  • Back the indicator showing skill ranks when hovering over them.
  • Designed maps and enabled Mini-Maps and Maps in all Game Modes.
  • Player and ally icons on the Map.
  • Weapon descriptions are shown in skills when selecting a Hero.

Beginner’s tutorial:

  • New tutorial, more fun, with dialogues, objectives and a new enemy.

Game mechanics:

  • To move you can now use any of the two mouse buttons.
  • Heroes no longer turn constantly in the direction of the mouse, but by pressing a mouse button.
  • Heroes attack automatically by pressing the Left Click on enemies that are in their range.
  • To perform attacks without enemies nearby can be done by pressing (Shift+Click).
  • Weapon attacks are now faster and more constant.
  • Games start with 1 potion, the rest are obtained on the battlefield.

Game Modes:

In the game modes you now have the option to only face Bots or go against real players (Note: If there are no players connected at the moment, as a last option you will be matched with Bots).
Capture the Base is now available against BOTs (Against players has always been available).

Nuevo: Diario de Temporada

  • The “Drainlive Pass” is eliminated, being replaced by the completely free Season Diary.
  • During a season of approximately 3 months, players will have a diary full of challenges to test their skill and perseverance. Obtaining, of course, unique rewards by completing the challenges presented therein. The rewards can be used to upgrade heroes, gold, and even to obtain an ASPECT.
  • At the end of the season the Journal, the Trophies and with it the Rank will be reset.
  • It is possible that, with each new season, the maximum level to which the heroes can go up will increase.


  • Increase damage to Balia’s missiles from 10 to 15, in level 1.
  • Increased the Danno of Lighting from 12 to 15 by Tik.
  • Increased the damage of Abdon’s Mana explosion. Applies 120% of consumed mana.
  • Battle Cry range reduced from 12 to 6.
  • Abdon’s Meteorite marks the hit position but does 300% damage. 


  • Texture adjustments were made to improve quality.
  • Fix: Elements visible during heroes rebirth after dying.
  • Balance adjustments were made in some skills, due to mechanics changes and the speed of some attacks and their cooldown times.
  • Fix: Daily quest claiming allowed to make several clicks and get the reward several times.
  • Now the last Hero selection is remembered.
  • Changed Doriant’s Running Animation. 

We are still working! 

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